Fairy Shih



Fairy Shih is a graphic designer from Taipei currently located in San Francisco. Fairy continues to work as a graphic designer dedicated to contributing to the design industry and always designs for love (and passion for type)!

Fairy has worked as a graphic designer in both Taiwan and China. After graduating from Shih Chien University where she majored in fashion design, Fairy started her own street clothing brand TRIANCROSS.

Within the passion of graphic design and the skill of fashion design, Fairy has been working as a freelancer since college. After two years of freelancing, Fairy has worked with a leading supermarket brand, Jasons Market Place in Taiwan.

In 2015 Fairy went to China and worked as a graphic designer in the leading international school, Best educational organization in Zhengzhou, China. Focused on design and develop the lesson material for the elementary student.

To Fairy, being a graphic designer is more about solving problems instead of creating beautiful visuals. She’s aiming to empower people and help society through her design.

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