Fairy Shih

About Me


About Me

Hi I’m Fairy. Yes, my name is Fairy. People tease me about my name all the
time, but I’ve grown to love it.

My dad named me Fairy because he was hoping I would become an elegant,
witty, daddy’s little girl, but we can’t always get what we want, right?

I’m having a bit of fun, but I believe design can demonstrate a concept
with a bit of humor. It helps draw in an audience and allows people to engage
with design in an accessible way.

I’m a graphic designer from Taipei, Taiwan and currently located in San Francisco.
I continue to work as a graphic designer dedicated to contributing to the design
industry and always create for love (and passion for type)!

To me, being a graphic designer is more about building accessibility into design
and solving problems than just creating beautiful visuals. I’m aiming to empower
people and help society through my design.