Fairy Shih

Rebrand VIBE

>>>This is a non-commercial project of a graphic design student. This project is
not intended to represent the parent band in any way. It is done with full admiration and respect toward VIBE company.

The future VIBE is a platform that showcases the talent of African Americans to
increase their visibility in the performance and art industries. Provide a platform that gives Africans Americans opportunities to express themselves.

Discover more on https://www.empowering-ourcommunity.com/

VIBE-overview copy.jpg
VIBE-overview1 copy.jpg
VIBE-overview2 copy.jpg
VIBE-lack & White Branding copy.jpg
VIBEweb-1 copy.jpg
VIBEweb-4 copy.jpg
VIBEweb-3 copy.jpg
VIBEweb-5 copy.jpg